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ProRadiant System is the Ideal Solution for Green building

Viega's radiant heating systems utilize the entire floor as the heat emitter allowing for lower,more consistent space temperatures. This highly efficient,even heat distribution produces a desirable total comfort feel and energy savings of up to 30%. The ProRadiant System is also compatible with high efficiency technologies like solar and geothermal systems and condensing boilers. Compared to forced-air systems, ProRadiant heat produces less air movement and a higher relative humidity,which can reduce the amount of dust and allergens,reducing dry,stuffy air.

  • Viega offers many innovative products designed specifically for residential- new construction applications, residential - retrofit applications, and commercial applications.
  • Exclusive ProRadiant Climate Panel System suitable to go under any type of floor covering
  • ViegaPEX Barrier can also be installed in concrete slab and thin-slab concrete applications.
  • ProRadiant solutions go beyond the pipe with a variety of controls, manifolds, mixing stations and fittings that work together to create a radiant heating system

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